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Deatra Yatman

As a retired geriatric social worker (LCSW) and grandmother, I have decided to fill my days with purposeful activities that will benefit others and secure a better country for my grandchildren. With that goal in mind, I am avidly working to increase sustainability of natural resources through my work with Tree People, the Sierra Club and other environmental groups. I am proud to serve on SONC’s Green and Beautification Committee as we will be organizing a Garden Tour to promote CA native and drought-tolerant plants that reduce green waste, save water, reduce pollution (native plants require no fertilizer) and to attract bees, butterflies and birds in our Sherman Oak gardens. I also volunteer with groups such as LA Works and the Mayor’s office and have advocated successfully for senior citizen issues in Sacramento in my professional work and career.
I have chosen to work with SONC to help build community and make Sherman Oaks the best city in which to live.

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